Temple jewellery collections

“Lavish Temple - Inspired Jewellery” -http://navrathan.com/all-jewellery/

#NavrathanJewellery: This temple jewellery necklace is a master piece crafted by our craftsmen in their Nakas work of ‘Ancient Indian Royal Kingdoms’. Enviable possessions are our classical and traditional Nakas necklaces that reflect a neo-classical flair.

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Diamond earrings collections

Indian Ethnic Fashion enjoys an everlasting love affair with Navrathan Jewellers. Elevate your look with our jewellery befit for the neo-classical princess within you. It’s the resurgence of time-honoured styles. Step into any of our stores or visit us at www.navrathan.com and bring your ensemble to life.

Gold bangle collections


This #goldkada is elegant yet edgy, they are crafted to perfection with floral motifs in uncut #diamonds. This legendary design of Indian Princesses embraces a unique style fusing eastern and western culture which works with your personal features that delights.

This is an enviable possession you need to own this festive season. Get your hands on them.http://navrathan.com/bangles/

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gold temple jewellery


Adornments of Indian Princesses

Looking for embellishments like the ones that were adorned by Indian princesses, then you needn’t look beyond the creations of Navrathan Jewellers. Flaunt your personality through well-chosen pieces that are fused to global styling and present day trends in#jewellery that reflect the neoclassical Indian princess. Step into Navrathan Jewellers and bring your ensemble to life.

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Gold pendant collections

A Treasure Trove of Jewellery”
An exclusive peacock-themed #goldpendant that captures the poise of the magnificent bird in a limited-edition collector’s item. Head to Navrathan Jewellers for this spellbinding piece.

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Sliver gift collections


Since it’s discovery #Silver has been admired for it’s malleability, it’s durability, it’s rarity, and most importantly it’s beauty!.  We know the ancient peoples considered silver an almost #sacred material and it’s ownership a source of great wealth.  Silver items were made for religious ceremonies and houses of worship, then and now.  Having one of the most diverse collection of #Poojaitems, #antique and #vintage silver #jewelry and personal accessories, We at #Navrathan still pride ourselves today with this beautiful timeless precious metal.